KBA-01538: Using the Autocomplete Feature


How does the autocomplete feature work?


Most of the lookup fields in sfPMS include autocomplete. Once the field has three characters of data, the system will attempt to provide a drop-down style list of some valid choices that match your input.  As you type additional characters, the list will be refined at approximately half-second intervals.You should navigate through the autocomplete suggestion using the keyboard–after all you just typed those characters.   Some specific keystrokes:

  • ENTER – Selects the currently highlighted choice and closes the autocomplete menu.  Generally, you will want to press ENTER or TAB to move along.
  • TAB – Selects the currently highlighted choice, closes the autocompelte menu and moves to the next field.
  • DOWN – Moves to the next item.  If on the last item, wraps to the top.  If the autocompete menu is closed, it will be redisplayed.
  • UP – Moves to the prior item. If on the first item, wraps to the bottom.
  • ESC – Closes the menu without making a selection.  NOTE: Any mouse click outside the choices is equivalent to escape.

Additional Comments:

The possible matches presented are generous; they match what was typed anywhere. Typing TIN matches Martin and Mortinson, etc. You can also usually type a portion of either an ID or text. Try typing a vendor or employee ID, first or last name, or email address (include @companyname).  When you type an ID, the drop-down list will show corresponding names/titles/descriptions.  Once you start moving from one choice to another, the ID field will show the exact match for your selection. On the other hand, because the number of choices offered is very limited, the specific choice for which you are looking may not be displayed unless you have typed enough input to limit the possible choices sufficiently.  Remember: use the lookup for greater control and specific filters.

KBA-01538; Last updated: May 27, 2020 at 16:13 pm
Keywords:  lookup, look up, autofill