KBA-01063: When I copy a folder, some of the items do not copy to the new folder. Why?


Why don’t some of my items get copied when I use the Copy / Paste Folder feature to transfer items from one document to another?


The Paste operation can only copy items that have already been saved.  Items that are entered but not saved are not available. Therefore, the copy function does not copy them. Resolution:  Save your source document and try again.

Additional Comments:

None of the Item tools allow you to copy or move an unsaved item.

TIP:  If you entered the item into the incorrect document, save the document and then use the Get Item tool from the correct document.  Note that both documents must have the same document type for the Get Item tool to move the item.

KBA-01063;  Last updated: October 14, 2016 at 9:32 am;
Keywords:  missing items after copy