KBA-01057: The “Destination” choice seems to be missing from the status drop down in the routing grid.


Why is the Destination choice missing from the status drop down in the routing grid?


Each document can have only a single routee flagged as the document destination.  This routee will always be the last in the routing. If the destination has already been specified, the selection for destination is removed from the drop-down list.   If you wish to change the routee that has been designated the destination, first edit the current destination routee by changing the status of the row to Pending or CC, then add or edit the new routee by setting the status to destination.

Additional Comments:

Note: A destination is not required for every document, but when specified, there can only be a single destination and no routings can be added after the document reaches the Destination routee.

KBA-01057;  Last updated: October 20, 2016 at 9:39 am;
Keywords:  exclusive destination; change document destination