KBA-01544: Multiple Bids on Bid Analysis


How does the Bid Analysis report handle multiple bids per project?


sfPMS understands that you may bid the same project multiple times, perhaps to various CM or GCs that are bidding in turn. When a SINGLE PROJECT has MULTIPLE BIDS, the Bid Analysis report is designed to focus on a single bid and picks the bid with

  • The highest probability
  • The LOWEST, but NON ZERO bid value in (sum of items). (You are most likely to win the lower your bid.)


  • Winning bids are considered before other bids
  • Open bids are considered before lost bids
  • Bids with zero amounts are ignored because they are likely incomplete

Lost bids are included so you can track lost opportunities and market share.

KBA-01544; Last updated: November 15, 2016 at 14:26 pm