KBA-01561: Cannot approve CCO with negative line amount if line would become overpaid


When trying to approve a CCO, the approval was blocked and the following message appeared:
Cannot approve: Line 0002 would become overpaid. What does this mean?



  • the BudgetConfig | PreventNegativeRemaining rule is checked (Yes) for CCO documents AND
  • the Commitment location is not equal to Imported (used by Import tool) AND
  • the CCO has a line with a negative amount (that is: a deductive change that will REDUCE the commitment line amount) AND
  • the Commitment line amount + all approved changes (including this CCO) – (Approved SPR $ – Approved SPR Retention $ + SPR Pending $ ) will be less then zero,

Then the following message is displayed

Cannot approve: Line xxxx would become overpaid

The rationale comes from the fact that taking a credit on a line (or creating a line) that does not have sufficient remaining value puts the amount at risk for not being recovered.

Another way of phrasing the requirement is that the amount remaining to be paid on future payment requests must be greater than or equal to the credit amount. In this context, the amount remaining to be paid includes any retention that is being held. This allows a credit to be taken (perhaps due to negligence) that will reduce retention to be paid.


KBA-01561; Last updated: September 19, 2017 at 8:56 am