KBA-01571: Bookmark Prefix to ignore HTML code in Text Editor


If any HTML code is contained in the HTML pane of the Text Editor, Spitfire switches from the Microsoft Word Templates formatting to the HTML formatting in the Text Editor. Sometimes, this can cause unexpected results, especially when used on tab with line items that are being formatted into a table.


To control the HTML formatting, add the following prefix to your bookmark:  FPT_ (Format Plain Text). The purpose of this format prefix is to IGNORE any HTML formatting that might have found its way into the sfPMS document‘s text editor field (usually through a copy and paste) and to IGNORE IT so that the Word document formatting / style will be applied.

Additionally, you can use FPTT_ (Format Plain Text and Trim).  The purpose of this format prefix is similar to the FPT prefix above, but also removes any final line or paragraph breaks.

Merging Formats [V2021]

Finally, you can specify WordTemplateConfig | xHTMLFlags to keep some formatting (such as bold and bullets) but prune selected formats.


KBA-01571; Last updated: April 28, 2022 at 11:45 am