KBA: 01617: Register is empty


What does the message “Register is empty: create item(s) now” mean?


You tried to open either the Submittal Item Register or the Change Item Register, but they do not yet exist.

Normally, the Submittal Item Register is created with the project.


Create the first Item using one of these documents:

  • Add a Change Item to
    • Owner Change Order
    • Potential Change Order
  • Add a Submittal Item to
    • Submittal
    • Submittal Package

Afterwards, you will be able to open and work in the register.

Additional Comments:

See ProjectConfig | ManualSubmittalRegister . When that rule is unchecked (the default), the Submittal Register is created with the project.

This restriction is imposed because it would otherwise be possible to have two users both create a new register at around the same time.

KBA-01617; Last updated: September 19, 2017 at 13:16 pm;