KBA-01616: Contact Person at Company


Who is the Default Contact Person at a Company?
What does the DKEYAT contact prefix do?


sfPMS Contacts allow for companies (vendors and customer, etc) and associated people at those companies.

Many documents use the source contact to point to the vendor (or customer) company (see KBA-01164).  The To address is then used to point to a person at the company.  In fact, the lookup on the To address is limited to people at the company.

The default for the To contact is the contact that

  • Is a person at the same company
  • Has the lowest, non-zero organizational level


  • If no contacts have any organizational level (or there are no contacts at the company), the company is used
  • If several people have the same organizational level, sort name is used to determine the first.

The DKEYAT prefix allows access to the key of this contact in workflow scripts, for example
ATC: SET ResponsibleParty = [DKEYAT_DocHeader_SourceContact]

Additional Comments:

This is similar to the “At Source Contact” feature used in routing.

Tech tip: see the ContactPersonAtCompany described value query.

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