KBA-01633: qAlias Bookmarks for Project, Project Team and Team Role


What qAlias bookmarks are available for the Project Setup, Project Team, and Team Role data?


Project Setup

All the fields (over 80) in the project header and project body can be referenced from any document using the qProject alias.  Some examples:

  • qProject_ExternalDocNo – external document number
  • FN3_qProject_TaxRate – tax rate

Project Team

Team information can be referenced using the qTeam alias.  The following qAlias bookmarks are available for contacts assigned to the Project Team:

  • qTeam_TeamRole – Role on the Project (see qTeamRole below also)
  • qTeam_UserName – Contact’s User Name
  • qTeam_Company – Contact’s Company
  • qTeam_Addr1 – Contact’s Street Address 1
  • qTeam_Addr2 – Contact’s Street Address 2
  • qTeam_City – Contact’s City
  • qTeam_State – Contact’s State
  • qTeam_Zip – Contact’s Zip Code
  • qTeam_Email – Contact’s Email Address
  • qTeam_PrefPhone – Contact’s preferred phone, with P/C: prefix. [V2021+]
  • qTeam_Phone – Contact’s Phone # (P:203-555-5678)
  • qTeam_Cell – Contact’s Cell #  (C:203-555-5678)
  • qTeam_Fax – Contact’s Fax # (F:203-555-5678)
  • qTeam_TeamSeq — see below

Ordering the Team List

By default, the team is listed alphabetically by role name.

You can control the order of the names in the team list by creating a code set named qaTeamOrder.    The Descriptions of your codes must match the WORK RESPONSIBILITY assigned to the various team roles.  The Team is then ordered by matching code.  If multiple roles have the same WORK RESPONSIBILITY, these are in role name order.  With role, in alpha order by first name.

Team Role

If you want to reference or find a team member based on role, you can use the qTeamRole alias, particularly with UserKey.  For example, the workflow script below can be used to display who the Project Manager on a team is:

ATC: SET $Role = Project Manager
ATC: SET $Project = [DocHeader_Project]
ATC: CATCH FOR 2 SHOW No Project Manager found
ATC: QUERY qTeamRole $Role
ATC: SET $TEST = qTeamRole.UserKey
ATC: SET $WholeKeyString = [DKEY_qTeamRole_UserKey]
ATC: ADD UIA DocHeaderMessage $WhoKeyString


Note: You can define your own alias using the QueryConfig rule and specify alternate code sets.

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