KBA-01632: qAlias Bookmarks for Company Division and Logo


What qAlias bookmarks are available for the Company Division data?


The following qAlias bookmarks are available for data stored in the System Admin | Company/Division tool.

When referenced from a document, the project division is used to select which division.

  • qIMG_Logo – Logo field – see KBA-01586
  • qIMG_Header – Header field
  • qIMG_Footer – Footer field
  • qIMG_Signature – Signature field from the current users Contact.  See also the DSIG prefix for more context sensitive signatures
  • qIMG_Site – URL
  • qIMG_Name – Company Division Name

Additional Comments:

For traditional Company Division Address fields, see the ProjectCompanyAddr_ alias.

This qAlas is distributed.  You do not need to add any rules to define or use these bookmarks.

The qAlias is populated by the pqa_Images stored procedure.

KBA-01632; Last updated: January 24, 2022 at 17:36 pm;
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