KBA-01663: Bookmark for Commitment’s Vendor


If my Spitfire document has the Commitment field in the header, is there a bookmark that I can use for the Vendor?


Yes. One way to get to the Commitment’s Vendor Information is by using a workflow script to set your document’s Source Contact field to the Vendor. The workflow script command is:

ATC: SET SourceContact = [DKEY_SubcontractDetails_VendorUserKey]

[DKEY_SubcontractDetails_VendorUserKey] returns the Vendor’s GUID, so you will need to choose a “contact” field for your ATC: SET command. The example above uses SourceContact, but ResponsibleParty or OwnerApprover could also work.

Additional Comments:

The ACT: SET command uses the tablename.field=value format, but assumes the DocMasterDetail table (aka DocHeader) if you leave the table blank. SourceContact, ResponsibleParty, and OwnerApprover are all in the DocMasterDetail table so you do not need to specify the table.

See ATC: SET for more information.

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