KBA-01674: SpitfireSetup User Login


What is the Unknown user that shows up as a System Admin on some reports?
I am locked out of the System Admin account. How do I regain access?


sfPMS ships with a user with the name Unknown.  The login for this user is SpitfireSetup and that login typically expires after about 2 hours.  You cannot delete this user.

Enabling SpitfireSetup

  1. On the IIS server, run ICTool.
  2. Go to the sfPMS tab.
  3. Go to the Admin sub-tab.
  4. Check the password field.  If it is blank, supply a value.  By default, the value includes a reference to other attributes in ICTool ($$).
  5. Go to the Finish tab.
  6. Publish the configuration.
  7. For the next 2 hours, you can log into the site using SpitfireSetup.
  8. Use this access to create logins or reset users as required.


Additional Comments:

If you set the password in ICTool to empty, the 2 hour setup window is closed.

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