KBA-01675: Home Inbox List Grid Fields


What data is available for the DataField= and Calc= options from the Home Dashboard Inbox List Grid fields?


Only a small subset of possible document data is loaded for Home Inbox list. When using the DataField= and Calc= Extended options in the UI Configuration tool (see KBA-01336) only certain data fields can be referenced.  Note that only SFDBX columns support the DataField= and Calc= options (see KBA-01512).

Field List

  • Closed
  • Company (of PrimaryContact)
  • DocBatchNo
  • DocNo
  • DocType (text version of the key below)
  • DocTypeKey (key for type of document)
  • Due
  • FileAttached
  • FromUser (key of contact that added this route)
  • IsRecent (for route action bar UI)
  • Note (from route)
  • OKToRelease (controls route action bar UI options)
  • PrimaryContact (key of SourceContact or ResponsibleParty or who added this route)
  • Priority (expressed as 1,3,5,7 or 9)
  • Project
  • Reached (date when document reached this route)
  • Sequence (in this route)
  • Status (express as a code)
  • StatusText
  • Title
  • Viewed (null if not yet viewed and is bold in Inbox)

KBA-01647; Last updated: September 20, 2017 at 10:05 am;