KBA-01706: qAlias Bookmarks for Document Routing


What qAlias bookmarks are available for the document routing data?


We have a qAlias qDistinctTo (query pqa_DistinctTo) that can be deployed upon request. It gathers information about document route recipients.

QueryConfig rules can use pqa_DistinctTo for various use cases.  For example, the rule qTo2:Alias could be defined to list everyone at sequence 2, using the query pqa_DistinctTo.  (The name of the qAlias can be anything you want.)

As further examples, you could

  1. filter on a sequence 20 by using @pSequence=20
  2. filter on a range of sequences 20 – 49 using @pSequence=20, @pSequenceEnd=49
  3. display all recipients on the document route by omitting @pSequence and @pSequenceEnd

The fields provided for template bookmarks (where qAlias is whatever you have defined as the qAlias):

  • qAlias_UserKey: the recipients’ key, suitable for use with contact prefixes such as DCO, DTI etc.
  • qAlias_UserName: the name of the user
  • qAlias_Company: the company of the user.  For employees, the division name is substituted.
  • qAlias_EMail: the recipients email address (if any)
  • qAlias_FirstSeq: the sequence number.  (When a range of sequences is summarized, each recipient is returned once and the sequence number of their first reference is used.)
  • [V2020+] qAlias_LastActed: is the most recent date and time the recipient has acted on one of their routes.
  • qAlias_ProjectRole: the recipients role from the project team part


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