KBA-01707: XTS Accounts Receivable (Pay App) Troubleshooting


Why is my Pay Application not appearing in my accounting system? I get the message “This Invoice number is still pending synchronization.”


If your payment application has been “Invoiced” in sfPMS, it is queued to be sent to AR in your peer accounting system (such as Acumatica ERP).

If there is a problem creating the receivable in the accounting system, the reason may be sent as an alert. (If there is no alert, see Additional Comments below.) You can view the alert from the Pay Application by following these steps:

  1. Open the document options menu.
  2. Click on Alerts.
  3. Click on the message to see the alert summary.
  4. Look for the Why in the Alert (for example, Financial Period 12-2017 is closed).
  5. Make the necessary changes (for example, changing the Date).


Fiscal Period is Closed

Perhaps the most common of the rejection reasons is that the fiscal period corresponding to the Document Date has already been closed.  You can remedy the situation by changing the Document Date on the Pay Application to one that corresponds to an open fiscal period or by temporarily re-opening the fiscal period in your accounting system until the information is synced.  If the Pay Application already has a Post In period in the Details tab, this field must also be changed to NULL through the Diagnostic Poke tool. (For assistance, contact Support.)

However, if you get this alert when you are reversing a Pay Application, it may not be appropriate to re-open the fiscal period. In such situations, the login used by the Spitfire XTS connector might be missing the Financial Supervisor role in Acumatica. The Spitfire XTS connector must have this role.

The AR creation will be retried automatically.

The BillWithParams Action Cannot be Found

If you get this message, contact Spitfire Support.  The Spitfire extension needs to be reinstalled on your site.

No invoice created by ‘ActionBill’ for Progress Billing Batch

If you get this alert, check Acumatica’s Billing Period for this project. It should be set to “On Demand.”

Additional Comments:

  • If the Pay Application has a zero amount on it, it will be ignored by the accounting system.
  • If your site has renamed the Pay Application doc type, you will see your site name instead.
  • To rush a retry of a queued accounting sync, visit the XTS Queue tab of the Diagnostic Tools page.

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