KBA-01723: Enabling a Doc Type for Cloud Integration


We are set up for cloud storage integration. How do I tell Spitfire which Doc types should be synced with our cloud drive (i.e., be cloud-enabled documents)?


The Doc Types tool on the System Admin Dashboard has a column in which you can indicate which Doc types can be synced with your cloud drive. For example, based on the picture below, only Daily Field Report documents can appear on the cloud drive:

  • Find each Doc type that you want to include in your cloud drive then edit the row to check the Cloud Sync column.
  • Remember to save!

Additional Comments:

You should also review the DocStatusIsInCloudStorage rule (see KBA-01724).  WARNING: A common mistake is to use the similar DocItemStatusIsInCloudStorage rule, which is seldom used.  The DocItemStatusIsInCloudStorage rule is typically used only for something like the Submittal Item register, where a cloud folder per Submittal Item is desired.

KBA-01723; Last updated: April 4, 2018 at 10:23 am