KBA-01748: Removing Retention-Related Columns from SOV Workbook


We don’t track retention on our Pay Applications/SOV billings. Is there a way to remove the retention columns and the “This Application Retention” row in the SOV workbook since we don’t need them?


Starting with V2019, the answer is yes. By default, Spitfire ships the SOV workbook with the functionality to record retention as visible in the column set and pages summary row.  The visibility of the retention columns has always been controlled by your settings, and in V2019+, the visibility of the “This Application Retention” row is as well.

  1. Go to the Setup sheet on your SOV workbook.
  2. Change row 19 (Show Column) for the retention columns to N.
  3. Save Site Settings as a file somewhere on your workstation.
  4. Upload the new settings file in the Templates tool on the Manage Dashboard as the new Pay App (SOV) Site Settings. You might want to give it a description that indicates “no retention”.

Note: the next time you open SOV, the retention columns and row will not be visible. Remember that you can check which setting is being used by selecting the About Spitfire option on the SOV workbook.

Additional Comments:

If some of your projects use retention and others don’t, you could create different site settings templates based on project subtype.

KBA-01748; Last updated: March 12, 2019 at 13:58 pm