KBA-01761: Predefined Route Extension


Can we apply logic to the result of predefined routes?



If the SQL object [custom].pu_DocRouteCheck exists, it will be called by p_GetDocRoute after the predefined route has been expanded but before repeated routes to the same person are removed.

Your SQL object should expect the expanded route in a temporary table, #RouteExpanded along with the following parameters.

  • @pProject varchar(32) – the project id
  • @pDocTypeKey UniqueIdentifier – the document type
  • @pRouteKey UniqueIdentifier – the key of the predefined route that was expanded
  • @pFromUser UniqueIdentifier – the source user
  • @pResponsible UniqueIdentifier – the current responsible party
  • @pSourceContact UniqueIdentifier – the current source contact
  • @pStatus VARCHAR(8) – the current status
  • @pSubType VARCHAR(8) – the current subtype
  • @pSubcontract VARCHAR(32) – the current subcontract

Additional Comments

You do not have sufficient data to know for which document the route may be intended.

You can add, modify or remove rows in #RouteExpanded.

KBA-01761; Last updated: December 4, 2019 at 12:42 pm