KBA-01764: Column is constrained to be unique


When trying to enter a new Item on a Submittal or Change Order document, you get the following message:

Column ‘DocItemNumber’ is constrained to be unique. Value ‘nnn’ is already present.


Doc types that save Items to a register (for example, Submittals to the Submittal Item Register or Change Order to the Change Item Register) must have item numbers of a length different from the item number length in the register. In other words, if Items are 5 characters long on the Submittal Item Register, they cannot be 5 characters long on the Submittal (or Submittal Package) document.  If they are the same length, the message above appears.


The System Admin should:

  1. Go to the Rules Maintenance tool on the System Admin Dashboard.
  2. Expand the DocItemConfig rule group.
  3. Uncheck Site Only.
  4. Filter on the ItemNumberFormat rule.
  5. Look for the rule for the register that is affecting your document (Change Item Register if the problem is on a Change Order, Submittal Log or Submittal Item Register if the problem is on a Submittal or Submittal Package).
  6. Note the result value for this rule.  By default, the length is 5.
  7. Add a row for the Doc type in question (Submittal, Change Order, etc.) and make the result value something other than the value for the register.  For example:
  8. Save your changes.

KBA-01764; Last updated: June 5, 2019 at 15:44 pm