KBA-01780: How to create workflow on a document


I know that I can set up workflow scripts in a predefined route or, even better, through the Workflow Scripts tool so that the script can apply to many documents.  But is it possible to add workflow directly on a document to apply only to the route on that document and nothing else?


Yes, and sometimes it is appropriate to do so.  Document-specific workflow scripts can be created by individuals who have permission to create new documents. Workflow scripts on a document apply only to that document.

  1. Create or open a document of the desired type from the Project Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Route Detail tab.
  3. Find the “add a routee” row and click in the To field, then select Spitfire:
  4. (optional) In the Due field, enter or select from the calendar a due date for when the workflow script should start. If no date is indicated, the workflow script will start as soon as the document is routed to Spitfire.
    If all you do is add Spitfire to the route with a route due date, Spitfire will wait until that date to continue the route.  This is a way to ensure that a document does not get routed to the next Seq until a specific date.  No additional workflow is needed for this feature to work.
  5. Select Create Workflow from the row’s Options menu. The text editor window will appear.
  6. Type your workflow script.  We encourage the use of ATC: CALL to call a script stored in the workflow script library (where it can be easily maintained), but that is not a requirement. See the Index of ATC commands for more information.
  7. Save your script and close the text editor.
  8. Back on your document, save your changes.

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