KBA-01781: How to create workflow in a predefined route


Can I add an ATC script workflow to my predefined route?

Is it possible to have my predefined route use a script from my Workflow Script library?


Yes to both questions. Note that if you add one or more workflow scripts to a predefined route, those workflow commands will be added to all documents that acquire that predefined route.

Recommended: Determine the script commands that you will need and write out the script elsewhere (on Notepad, for example) before going to the Routes tool on the Manage Dashboard. (See KBA-01782 for an index of ATC commands).

To add workflow to a predefined route:

  1. Create or open a predefined route from the Route List on the Manage Dashboard.
  2. In the Details for Selected Route section, add a routee row.
  3. (optional) If necessary, change the Seq No. to reflect where you want the workflow to begin in your routing sequence.
  4. Type or select Spitfire in the User/Role field. Spitfire is not available through the Lookup feature; you need to type it in. However, once you start typing Spitfire, it will appear in the auto-fill choices.
  5. Keep the Default Status field as Pending or choose CC’d from the drop-down menu. Other statuses are invalid for Spitfire.
  6. (optional) You can enter information in the Description and Default Note fields or leave them blank. sfPMS ignores the other fields.
  7. Accept the row.
  8. Click on the gear icon:
  9. Type your script in the window that appears.
  10. Click the icon to save the script and close the window.
  11. Back on the predefined route, either save or continue to add to the Details for Selected Route section or the  Criteria for Selected Route section as usual.

To use a workflow script from the Workflow Script library:

  1. Follow the instructions above with this one change:
    1. Include the ATC: CALL command to call a script stored in the library.

KBA-01781; Last updated: January 27, 2020 at 11:23 am