KBA-01803: qAlias Bookmarks for Items on Drawings Documents


What qAlias bookmarks are available for the Items on a Drawings document?


In V2020+, the following fields on the Items tab on a Drawings document can be referenced using the qDrawings alias.

  • qDrawings_DrawingNumber
  • qDrawings_Description
  • qDrawings_ItemStatus

Additional Comments:

This qAlias is distributed in V2020+.  You do not need to add any rules to define or use these bookmarks.

The qAlias is populated by the pqa_DrawingList stored procedure.

Note: If a Drawings document is attached to another type of document (e.g., Commitment), the template for the second document (e.g., Commitment) can use these bookmarks to pull Item data from the Drawings document.

KBA-01803; Last updated: November 30, 2020 at 13:46 pm;