KBA-01790: Assigning Access to Catalog Folders


Some of our users cannot see certain folders in the Catalog (or File part of the Project Dashboard) and others can click on the folder but are then told they don’t have access.  How can I give these users access to the appropriate folders?


Access to Catalog folders is granted through the Catalog Folders tool found on the System Admin Dashboard. Access is granted through roles, which means all people with the same role will have the same access.

  • The first step is to determine which roles should have access to which folders.
  • Notes:
    • The roles that appear in the Catalog Folders tool either have no conditions (are global) OR
    • are project-specific; however, for a user to be granted access based on a project-specific role:
      • the user must be a global member of that role OR
      • the user must have the role “As Assigned”

To grant or remove access to a folder:

  1. Determine if some roles will have access to all folders. If so,
    1. Click (all items) in the folder list.
    2. Find the role.
    3. Click on the LRIU checkboxes to check them. (See below.)
  2. Select a specific folder.
    1. Find the role that should have (or not have) access to that folder.
    2. Click on the LRIU checkboxes to check or uncheck them. (See below.)
  3. Save your changes. (See Important Information below.)


  • L = allows users to view the folders and see the list of files in the folder.
  • R = allows users to open the folder and open/read the files in the folder.
  • I = allows users to add new files to the folder.
  • U = allows users to edit files in the folder.

Important Information:

Folder/role access is expensive to change (in resources).  So if you just made changes to the Catalog Folders tool and your user still can’t access a folder, please note:

  • The user must log out and back in. Folder permission is built only upon login.
  • While the user is logged out, the system must be recycled in order for the cached folder access to expire. The system can be recycled on the System Information page:
  • Recycling while affected users are still logged in will not help! Old access permissions will be re-cached.

KBA-01790; Last updated: January 22, 2020 at 14:09 pm