KBA-01805: Project Not Eligible for Change Orders


When I try to approve a Change Order, I get the following message. How can I fix things in order to approve my Change Order?

Project not eligible for change orders – check project status


The first thing to do is what the message tells you to do: check project status.

  1. Open the Project Setup document on this project and look at the document’s status.  It has to be Committed before you can approve a Change Order.
  2. If the status is In Process, double-check that the Project Setup is ready to be Committed, then change the status to Committed.
  3. If the status is Completed, the project is closed and you can no longer approve any Change Orders. Contact Support if you need to open the project again.
  4. If the status IS Committed,
    1. View the history of the status.  Was it at any point Completed and then changed back to Committed?
    2. If yes, save the document. It is likely that Spitfire still considers the document to be Completed and needs a refresh.
    3. If no, contact Support.

KBA-01805; Last updated: December 9, 2020 at 10:47 am