Locked, Invalid and Expired User Accounts


A user is getting a message about being locked out when she tries to log into Spitfire. How can I “unlock” her? On the flip side, what if I deliberately want to lock someone out or make a Spitfire account invalid?


Assuming you have permission to do so, you can lock and unlock a user account on that user’s Contact Details window. There you can also indicate a date on which the User Login becomes invalid or expired, or set a sliding Expiration date.

Note: In order to make changes to someone else’s Contact Details, a user requires the SYS | Contact Maintenance (RIU) capability.

Locking and Unlocking Accounts:

If a user attempts but fails to log into Spitfire several times in a row, Spitfire will automatically lock that user’s account for a number of hours or days as a precaution against an unauthorized login. Someone with permission can clear out the Locked Until date in order to “unlock” the account.

The number of login attempts and the lockout period (expressed in hours) can be set in ICTool.

A person with permission could also purposefully indicate a Locked Until date for any user (highlighted in green in the first picture above), which would prevent that user from logging into Spitfire until the date specified. The field next to the date can be used to indicate why the account is being locked. This text appears to the user when the user attempts to log in.

Setting an Account to Expire on a Specific Date:

Someone with permission could also indicate an end date for a login in the Valid Until field (highlighted in yellow in the first picture above). After that date, the user would not be able to log into Spitfire (unless the date were changed or removed). This option provides a way for administrators to give someone a temporary Spitfire login. By default, the Valid Until field is blank.

Setting an Account to Expire Automatically If Not Used:

If someone with permission checks the Expire Account If Unused (Sliding ‘Valid Until’) checkbox for another user (highlighted in purple in the first picture above), a date (45 days hence by default) is automatically entered into the Valid Until date. If the user does not log in by the indicated date, the account will be made invalid. If the user does log in, a new date, 45 days from that day by default, will appear as the new Valid Until date. This option gives administrators the assurance that an account that is not being used is not still considered active by Spitfire.

The sliding days interval can be changed in ICTool: