Logging Into sfPMS

When sfPMS launches, the Login screen appears in your default browser.

To log onto sfPMS:

  1. Enter your ID as assigned to you by the System Administrator.
  2. Enter your Password as assigned to you by the System Administrator.
  3. Click Log In.
  4. Your Spitfire Dashboard will open in a new window displaying the Home Dashboard.


Logging into sfPMS through Google Authentication
Prerequisite:: You must have a Google account through Gmail, Google+, or other Google apps.

To attached a Google account to a Spitfire login:

  1. Click the Sign In with Google button.
    If you have not logged in before with Google, the following will appear:

    Enter your Gmail and Google Password, and click Sign In.


    If you have logged in with Google before, but you have not given sfPMS permission to share your identity with sfPMS, the following will appear:

    Click Allow.

  2. On the Google Account Link window, enter your Spitfire ID.
  3. Enter your Spitfire Password.
  4. Click Log in.