Units on the BFA Workbook

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You may need to changed the settings on your BFA workbook in order to see the unit-related columns The BFA workbook offers the following unit-related columns:

  • Unit of Measure
  • Original Units
  • Revision Units
  • EAC Units
  • Manual EAC Change Units
  • Original Units Change Results
  • EAC Unit Change Results
  • EAC Cost/Unit
  • EAC Hours/Unit
  • EAC Units/Hour
  • Actual Units
  • Declared Units
  • Actual Units Prior Year
  • Actual Units Prior Period
  • Actual Units Current Year
  • Actual Units Current Period
  • Actual Cost/Unit
  • Actual Hours/Unit
  • Actual Units/Hour
  • % Complete Units
  • Calculated FAC Units
  • FAC Gain/Loss Units
  • Working Units
  • Working Cost Per Unit
  • Working Hours Per Unit
  • Working Units Per Hour
  • Last Posted FAC Units
  • Working Gain/Loss Units
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