Project Dashboard Actions Menu

After you save your Project Setup document, sfPMS creates the Project Dashboard. In the top-right corner of the screen is the icon for the Actions menu.

Refresh Page Refresh data on the Project Dashboard.
Cost Code Maintenance Review and edit the Cost Codes in your project through the Code Code Maintenance window.
Project Accounting Maintenance Open the Project Maintenance window in Microsoft Dynamics SL, if integrated.
Project Address Display the project’s address.
Project Location Map See the project location on Google Maps.
Competitive Bid Analysis Open CoBRA (Competitive Bid Response Analysis workbook). This Excel workbook contains a tab for each Bid Package in the project.
Project Analysis Open the BFA workbook in Project Analysis mode.
Project Setup Open the Project Setup document.
Change Item Register Open the Change Item Register.
Submittal Item Register Open the Submittal Item Register
Change Order Markup Open a list of all markups designated for Code Code and Account Categories used in Change Order Budget Entries.
Equipment Profitability View the Equipment Profitability report. Available only on an Equipment project.