Manually Attaching Microsoft Office Emails to Spitfire Documents


I know that because of configurations, certain emails get attached automatically to the correct document in Spitfire, but could I also just attach any email I receive onto a specific document? We use Microsoft Office for email.


Yes. For years we have told users that Microsoft prevents dragging and dropping directly from Outlook, so an email would need to be dragged onto the desktop first and then onto a document.  Recently, Microsoft changed its inner workings and now it is easy to drag and drop from Outlook directly onto a Spitfire document!

  • Go to the document’s Attachments tab, then click on your email and drag-and-drop it onto the Attachments tab. The Spitfire document will save once the email has been uploaded.
  • You can also attach any files that is attached to your email directly onto a Spitfire document. Click on the attached file and drag-and-drop it onto the Attachments tab.