Route Data for Transmittal Doc Templates – Bookmark Templates

The following bookmarks can be used on Transmittal templates only.

Bookmark Explanation
ToRoute_BinType The type of the transmittal file (.doc, .docx)
ToRoute_ByUser The person who specified the use of the transmittal. Can be used with Contact prefixes.
ToRoute_Created The date the transmittal was specified.
ToRoute_FromUser The person who added this routee to the route (internal field). Can be used with Contact prefixes.
ToRoute_GroupNo Whether the route is part of a “Pending Any” group. 0 means No; any other number means Yes.
ToRoute_HasBinData Whether the transmittal has already been generated and saved. 0 means No; 1 means Yes.
ToRoute_ReplyTo Whether e-mail routes after this one may reply to this route. 0 means No; 1 means Yes. Note: Replies go to the closest preceding route with a true ReplyTo.
ToRoute_Request The route instructions
ToRoute_RouteVia The route method. E = E-mail, F = Fax, W = Web, H = Hard Copy
ToRoute_SendAlerts Whether the routee will receive any alerts generated for the document. 0 means No; 1 means Yes.
ToRoute_Sequence The sequence in the routing
ToRoute_Stage The stage in the routing
ToRoute_Status The status of the route
ToRoute_TransNumber The transmittal number
ToRoute_UserDocEdit Whether the routee is a collaborator. 0 means No; 1 means Yes.
ToRoute_UserKey Internal fieldname can be used with Contact prefixes.