Routing Matching Documents

You can remove several matching documents from your Inbox all at once. Documents are considered matching if:
– They are of the same Doc Type and at the same Seq as the selected document (ex: all Commitment documents that are at Seq. 1), AND
– They have no further routing OR are not overdue OR you received them in your Inbox within the lsat 5 days, AND
– They do not have a route status of Held.

For example, if you received many Pay Requests on which you are Seq 2, and you have either dealt with all the exceptions or changed the route status of the exception documents to Held, you can clear all the remaining Pay Requests from your Inbox all at once.

To route matching documents from your Inbox:

  1. Click in the white area of the document row of a document serving as your model. sfPMS will match other documents to that selected document.
  2. In the Inbox Action Bar, click Release this and “matching” docs at sequence # to route all matching documents. A number indicates how many documents will be removed from the Inbox in addition to your currently selected document.
    Tip:  Click on the word docs to display a list of matching docs.