Showing Pay Request Amounts on Commitments


Is there a way to get the approved and pending Pay Request amounts for a Commitment to show up on the Commitment’s Detail tab, sort of in the way that Pay Requests already lists amounts on the Details tab?


Yes, as of V2019.0.7241. Four new fields (items) have been added to the UI Configuration tool, Doc Detail – Commitment part. You can make any or all of these fields visible on your Commitment documents, with whatever labels you’d like. These are all read-only fields.

The item names for these fields are:

  • Commitment – Pending Payments
  • Commitment – Pending Retention
  • Commitment – Vouchered Amount
  • Commitment – Vouchered Retention

Use the UI Configuration tool to make any of these fields visible on the Commitment Doc type.

Those fields (with the labels as added in the example above) will appear on the Details tab of the Commitment document: