A Note About Billing Codes

You can choose to include Billing Codes in your Initial (and subsequent) Budget. Billing codes are often supplied by the customer to organize the Schedule of Values (SOV) for payments. They provide a link between Cost Code lines in the budget and lines in the SOV. They can also be used to create line items in your Project Setup document. If you use Billing Codes, you’ll be able to create your SOV workbook from your budget. (See the Schedule of Values (SOV) Billing Focus Guide for more information.)

You can include Billing Codes whether you enter your data manually, from another budget, or through the Import Wizard.

If you want to include Billing Codes for data you entered manually,

  • You must first make the Billing Codes column visible through your Setup worksheet (see the BFA Workbook Focus Guide for instructions).
  • You may enter Billing Codes only on Cost Code lines (the cells with a green background). Those Billing Codes will then apply to all Account Categories under that Cost Code.
  • Note: Billing Codes must contain an alpha character.
  • You can repeat Billing Codes on various Cost Codes in order to roll up those Cost Codes into one Billing Code.
  • You can include a Revenue Account Category in each Cost Code that you want linked to a Billing Code or just include revenue on one Cost Code. All Billing Code rows will be carried over to the SOV.