Budget Subtypes

The distributed Budget Doc type includes a subtype field, labeled Type. With one exception, this Type field is populated automatically based on how the Budget document is created. One benefit to these subtypes is your ability to create different predefined routes for different types of Budget documents. Another benefit (in V2017) is the ability to create different site settings to define different BFA views.  A third benefit is your ability to filter and find Budget documents based on subtype

Type indicates that the Budget document was created

  • as a Manual Revision (by the user creating the Budget document).  The user needs to select Manual Revision from the drop-down. A workflow script can also set this default.
  • automatically from Line Items on a BFA Bypass document, if the BFA Bypass Doc type is active. [New in V2017]
  • automatically from a CCO.
  • automatically from a Change Order.
  • automatically from a Commitment.
  • automatically from a Period Distribution document.
  • automatically from a Project (as the Initial Budget).


The BudgetConfig | BudgetSubtype rule establishes which subtype should appear on each automatically-created Budget document. The distributed result values (which are based on the SubType code set) are as shown below. You can add codes through the Code Maintenance tool and change the default result values in the Rules Maintenance tool.

Note: in V2017, if you are using Budget Bypass documents, the Type will be set automatically on the Budget document even if there is no BudgetSubtype rule for the Budget Bypass Doc type.

Predefined Routes

When Budget documents are identified by subtype, predefined routes can be more specific. For example, predefined routes might specify that a Project Manager should be added to a manual Budget revision document, ready for when the document creator routes it to Seq 2., whereas Budget documents created from Change Orders should be routed directly to Accounting, automatically leaving Seq 1.  Predefined routes are set up in the Route Maintenance tool on the Manage Dashboard.
















Site Settings by Subtype

You can indicate that a saved Site Settings file should apply only to the Budget document with a certain subtype, for example: