Change Order Management

Several of Spitfire’s Doc types work closely together when you need to make changes to your project. RFI (Request for Information), Proposed CO (Proposed Change Order), CO (Change Order), RFQ (Request for Quotes), CCO (Commitment Change Order), and Commitment documents can be highly interrelated.

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Concepts, considerations, and descriptions in PDF format.

KBAs and posts with specific instructions

  • KBA-01459: Changing Commitment Items through a CCO
  • KBA-01728: Adding a New Item on the CI Tab of a Change Order
  • KBA-01729: Adding Existing Items from Register onto a Change Order
  • KBA-01730: Adding Budget Entry Rows to a Change Item
  • KBA-01731: Awarding RFQs from the Change Order’s Budget Entries
  • KBA-01732: Adding CI Budget Entries from an Import Worksheet
  • KBA-01733: Creating RFQs from Project Commitments on CI Budget Entries
  • KBA-01734: Creating Approved CCOs When Posting CO Expenses
  • KBA-01735: Posting Change Order Expenses and Revenue
  • KBA-01736: Adding Allocations to CI Budget Entries