Commitment- & Pay Request-Specific Capabilities

The following capabilities assume that the user has been given access/edit rights to the documents and sections in question. See Document Update Rights and General Document Capabilities.

DOC | Can override Retention (R)

  • R allows the user to change the retention percentage, if a percentage already exists (i.e. the field is not zero) on Pay Request and Commitment documents.

DOC | Update account encoding (RUS)

Note: this capability requires the DocTypeConfig | CanEditEncoding rule, which is on by default for Commitments. See KBA-01154.

  • R is a required permission for this capability.
  • U allows the user to look up Cost Codes and GL Accounts, to select a Retention Method, and to change the UOM on Committed Commitments (Subcontracts).
  • S allows the user to change the Sub Account on a Committed Commitment (Subcontract).