Creating a Bid Package

There are four ways to create a Bid Package document:

  1. From a Bid document – use this method when you are requesting quotes for a prospective project
  2. From automatic workflow from an Invitation to Bid – use this method when your Invitation to Bids always result in Bid Packages
  3. From the File menu – use this method when you want to create a Bid Package before you create a project
  4. From a Project Dashboard – use this method when the Bid Package is your starting document in the Bid Package – RFQ – Commitment workflow

To create a Bid Package document from the Site Menu: 

  1. From the Site Menu to the right of your name, click Create Document.
  2. From the Create a New Document window, select Create Vendor Bid Package.

A Vendor Bid Package window will open. Continue with step 2 from the directions below.

To create a Bid Package document from the Project Dashboard: 

  1. From the Project Dashboard, select Vendor Bid Pkg from the Documents list, and click Add.
  2. (optional) Change the Description.
  3. (optional) Select a Type from the drop-down list to indicate the type of subcontract resulting from the winning bid. This Type will be passed to the eventual Commitment.
  4. (optional) Select a Contract Type for the Commitment from the drop-down list.
  5. (optional) Complete the remaining fields in the Document Header.
  6. Save the document.
  7. On the Instructions tab, enter your instructions for the vendors.
  8. On the Items tab, add items for the Bid Package. These items will be copied to the RFQ documents you will create. On each Item’s Detail view:
    –  Select Include if you want the Item to be included in the final circulation summarized on the Detail tab
    –  Look up a Cost Code
    –  Look up a Category
    –  (optional) Enter a Description
    –  (optional) Enter Units
    –  Complete the remaining fields as needed.
  9. (optional) Add information to other tabs. This information will be copied to a Commitment, if it is created from an Awarded RFQ.
  10. (optional) If an Attachment template has been established for this Doc Type, Attach from Template will appear on the Attachments tab. Click this icon to create the printout for the Bid Package.
  11. (optional) Attach any files you want routed with the RFQs to the Vendors. Files attached to the Bid Package will automatically be attached to its RFQs.
  12. On the RFQs tab, you can create RFQs by using any combination of the following:
    –  Click Create a new RFQ to create one RFQ document.
    –  Click Add using multiple selection to select your vendors from the multi-selection window.
  13. Click Release All to route the RFQs.
  14. Save and Close the document window.

You can reopen the document as needed to review the RFQs tab and change its status.