Compliance Types

During implementation some Compliance requirement types may be configured as requirements for certain Doc Types such as Commitments, Pay Requests, and Vendors. Other Compliance types may be set up as optional for certain Doc Types, Compliance types are managed through the Compliance tab. A message on your document (Commitment, Pay Request, etc.) will indicate if a requirement is out of compliance.

Compliance Types
Spitfire ships with a few default Compliance types. Sites often add their own Compliance types during implementation through the Compliance Types tool.

  • Automobile Insurance
  • Executed Contract Returned
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Lien Waiver
  • Performance Bond
  • Project Manager Hold
  • Workman Comp Insurance


Messages on the Document Header
A message on a document’s Document Header indicates whether or not everything is in compliance. To investigate these issues, refer to the document or Vendor document’s Compliance tab.