Creating a Schedule

Schedules are often created early in the project’s life cycle.

To create a Schedule document:

  1. From the Project Dashboard, select Schedule from the Documents list, and click Add.
  2. (optional) Change the Description.
  3. Save the document.
  4. On the Attachments tab, attach one or more files to the document using the following icons.
  5. Create a route, if necessary.
  6. Either route the document to another person or Save and Close the document.

You can reopen the document as needed to made changes and/or change its Status.

Schedule Actions and Options Menu
The Actions and Options menu for the Schedule document offers the following choices after you first save: Alerts, Copy This Document, View Changes

Statuses for Schedule
By default, the Status drop-down offers the following choices: Current, History
History is the final status, which closes the document. When a Schedule document is History, it can no longer receive attachments.