KBA-01047: Windows Workstation Setup Hints


How do I set up a new workstation to use the Spitfire Project Management System?


sfPMS is a browser-based web application, so you can pick up a tablet and use the site almost instantly.  On Windows Workstations, some additional setup is required to enable high-end features and Microsoft Office integration such as

  • BFA – Budget, Forecast and Analysis
  • SOV Billing
  • Word and Excel editing with file version control

To accomplish this, you use Spitfire’s “sfLink” agent for this Microsoft Office integration.



The various instructions and examples here assume your site is located at https://try.spitfirepm.com/sfPMS.  You should substitute your own URL.  If your shop has a great IT administrator, they can accomplish much of this through global domain policy!

  • (Optional) Trust Spitfire’s Authenticode Certificate (KBA-01745) – this step is recommended for those using Global Domain Policy or VDI configurations
  • Enable Excel Trust (see below)

My Settings

  1. Use the site URL to open Spitfire in a Chromium-based browser.
  2. Click the user’s name and choose My Settings.
  3. On the My Settings dialog, click the Client Session Information tab.
  4. Click the Set Up Device link.  See below.
Set Up this Device


  • The Office Integration button will be green if VS Tools for Office is detected.  Otherwise, click this button to add VSTO or see below.
  • sfPMS Trust adds various prerequisites to your computer, the same as you may have done already if you followed the checklist above.
  • On Demand Tools downloads extra tools (such as BFA, SOV, and others) that are otherwise downloaded on demand.  It is much easier and faster for the software to be updated on demand than to deploy them the first time, so using this button saves time later.

VS Tools for Office (VSTO)

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) must be added after Office is installed.  If our prerequisite installer is not able to do the job or you prefer to install this Microsoft component directly from Microsoft, see KBA-01608 for details.

Excel Trust

Microsoft sometimes releases updates that lock down Excel add-ins.  Our Add ins for Excel are digitally signed, but you need to trust signed add-ins so they can run.  See KBA-01519 and KBA-01833.

Pop Up Blocker

Since pop-up blockers will interfere with some Spitfire functionality, see KBA-01813 on how to configure the pop-up blocker.

Internet Options and Zones and Trusted Sites

In Internet Options (although can be done through AD Policy)

    • add your site to the INTRANET or TRUSTED Sites zone.  See KBA-01833
    • Add *://ajax.googleapis.com to your Trusted Sites Zone. See KBA-01593
    • Add https://use.fontawesome.com to your Trusted Sites Zone. See KBA-01593

Additional Comments:

Some antivirus software sometimes blocks sfLink because it communicates with the Internet.  The application is digitally signed, and hash verified by Clickonce deployment.  Go ahead and trust it.

If errors persist, try a reboot.

KBA-01047; Last updated: October 23, 2023 at 13:03 pm