KBA-01069: How do projects get added to my Project List?


How do projects get added to my Project List?


A project becomes available on the Project List part of the Home Dashboard in any of the following cases:

  1. You are added to the Project Team Contacts part on the Project Dashboard (even if you are hidden in the part) of that project.
  2. You are granted a role with a project-based condition that includes that project.
  3. Prior to Version 4: whenever a document from a project is routed to you.
  4. You create a new project through a new Project Setup document.

Once the Project is available on the Project List, you can control whether the project is visible or not in the displayed list by using the Project List filter‘s hide feature.  You can decide if ‘new‘ projects will be automatically displayed in your Project List by selecting the Show New Projects options on the Contact tab of the your Contact Record (available from the icon on your Preference page or on the Manage Dashboard).

Additional Comments:

The appearance of a project on the Project List does not, in itself, provide access to the Project Dashboard.  You must have the PAGE | Project Dashboard capability included in one of your roles.

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