KBA-01454: Import for Go-Live: Import Pay Applications

Purpose & Scope:

How do I import Pay Applications from my ‘old‘ system into Spitfire in preparation for Go-Live?


Use the Spitfire ImportPayApps Excel spreadsheet for uploading your data from your old system to Spitfire. On the Spitfire ImportPayApps Excel Spreadsheet you will be entering 1 Summary Pay Application per project. This Summary Pay Application will include Pay Apps 1 through your last Pay App. For example, if the last Pay Application you sent to your customer is Pay Application # 6, you will enter data on the ImportPayApplication Excel spreadsheet that includes the total you billed to your customer from Pay App #1 through Pay App #6.

Column # In Column … Enter…
Repeat Columns 1-6 for each Line Item on the Pay Application
1 Project Enter the project # without dashes or spaces
2 Appl # Enter the “last application” number that you sent to your client. Use a four digit number. Format the column as TEXT so that you can enter leading zeroes. For example, enter 0006 if you’ve sent your customer 6 pay applications on this project.
3 Architect Project # (optional) Architect’s Project #
4 Date From This Application’s Beginning Date (Beginning Date from Application #1)
5 Date To This Application’s Ending Date (Ending Date of the Last Application)
6 Dated Invoice Date of the Last Pay App
7 Line # Enter 6 digit numbers in sequence. Format as text so the your leading zeroes will not be discarded by Excel. Best practice is to leave space between your line numbers, for example: 000100, 000200, 000300, etc.
8 Change Order # (Enter only for a Change Order line item) Format as Text and enter CO# if this line is a Change order – use 4 digit numbers, for example: 0001, 0002, etc.
Note: Spitfire will create a Revenue Only Change Order to match this CO #, and the CO Approval Date, and SOV Amount that you will enter in these following columns.
9 CO Approval Date (Enter only for a Change Order line item) If you enter a CO # in the preceding column, enter the approval date here.
10 Description Enter the Line Item Description (limit 32 characters)
11 Revenue Cost Code Enter the Revenue Cost Code for this line item – if the value includes leading zeroes, be sure to Format the column as Text.
12 Item Type Enter “I” for Item
13 Account Category Enter the Account Category for this line item. Be sure to enter the Account Category Code and not the Account Category Description.  Also be sure that any Account Category you enter is contained in the Account Categories section of the System Admin dashboard.
14 SOV Amount Enter the Original Schedule of Value Amount for this line item.
15 Previous Payments Enter $0.00 (since this Pay Application will include a total of Pay App 1 through the Last Pay App, there is no Previous Payment.
16 % Complete Enter the % Complete for this line item as of the Last Pay Application
Note: Your Work in Place + Stored Materials should = % Complete * the SOV Amount.
17 Work in Place Enter your Work in Place Amount as of your Last Pay Application.
18 Stored Material Enter your Stored Material Amount as of your Last Pay Application.
19 Retention% Enter Retention %
20 Previous Retention Leave Blank (since this is Pay App #1 through your last Pay App, there is no Previous Retention.

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