KBA-01073: Removing a Routee from a Document


How do I remove someone from the document route?


If the Document is still in Seq 1, then the Reset Route option is available on the Document Routing Grid drop-down menu.   The Reset Route menu choice presents a dialog that allows you to entirely replace the current document route with an alternate route based upon preconfigured automated route rules.

Once a document begins a route, then individual routees can be deleted, but only if the current user.

  • has permission to delete routees
  • is in control (a current routee) of the document
  • and the document has not reached the Seq of the routee(s) to be deleted or modified.

Additional Comments:

If changes are required beyond those permitted, it may be advisable to force the document to a new ‘stage‘ by sending it back to the originator.

KBA-01073;  Last updated: October 20, 2016 at 9:35 am;