KBA-01088: Customizing Document Print and Routing Formats


How can I control the format used when a document is printed?  How can I control the format used when a document is routed via email or fax?


In both cases, the format used is specified using the ReportConfig rule group via the Rules Maintenance tool on the System Admin Dashboard.
The ReportConfig rule group provides the mapping using the following rules:

  • Report: The result value provides the path and report name for the report to be used for the Doc type (overriding the Spitfire-provided report mapping in the sfReport value).  The Print icon on the document drop-down menu will be enabled.
  • XmitItems: The result value provides an alternate path and report name for the report to be used when a document is transmitted via email or fax. The Spitfire default is provided in an sfXmitItems rule entry.  If the Doc type doesn‘t include a specific XmitItems format, then the Report mapping for the document, if any, is used.  If the result value for XmitItems is 0, the report is ignored.

When mapping to a report, the result value must properly provide the report server path relative to the Spitfire Base folder in Report Services and also provide the parameters necessary to identify the document to the report.
For example, to enable a print report for a Task document:

  1. Open the ReportConfig rule group.
  2. Add a Report rule.
  3. Select the Task document in the filter drop down.
  4. Add the following as a Result Value:

In the example above, the report path is _Library/Generic+Print. Note the use of a + sign in place of a space (%20 can also be used in place of spaces).   The report parameters begin after the ampersand (&).   Often, the only parameter required is the Document Master Key.

When running the report, the following values will be substituted:

  • $$Project$$
  • $$Docno$$
  • $$Subcontract$$ (for commitment related documents)
  • $$DocMasterKey$$

In addition to any parameters you provide, the identity of the current user is always added to the report parameters in the form &pCurrentUser=UserKeyGuid.  Spitfire reports are all designed to respect the access right of the current user using this parameter.  Any report you design and designate for use to transmit documents must accept this parameter.  Whether or not your report uses the parameter to control what is printed is up to you.

Additional Comments:

The document drop-down menu includes a Print command if a report has been associated with the Doc type.   If a report has been associated with the Doc type, this same report is used by default if the document is transmitted by fax or email.
See the Focus on System Administration guide for more information about the Rules Maintenance tool.

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