KBA-01070: How To Use Automated Routing Rule Criteria


How and when do the various routing criteria come into play for predefined routes?


Routing rules (used to establish predefined routes through the Routes tool on the Manage Dashboard) can be based upon several document criteria.  Many of these criteria are unavailable when the document is created, so these criteria can only be applied if:

  1. the AutoReroute value on the DocTypeConfig rule is set to 1 (or greater) for this Doc type (through Rules Maintenance on the System Admin Dashboard), OR
  2. the Reset Route or Append Route command is chosen from the Route Options menu (on the Route Detail tab on a document).

The criteria available for new documents are:

  • Division ID
  • Document Type
  • Project
  • Source Contact (may not be available until entered; often indicates the vendor or employee)
  • Amount

In addition, the following criteria are available later in the document life cycle:

  • Document Reference
  • Global Reference
  • Priority
  • Responsible Party (at the document level only)
  • Source Contact
  • Status
  • Subtype

When a rule specifies a criteria, it will only be used if the document matches that criteria.  If multiple rules match the document, then the rule with the most criteria that still matches will be used.  If there are still multiple routes that match the document, the Route Name in the group of remaining candidates that comes first alphabetically will be used.

In addition, if the predefined route associated with the route criteria uses either the Doc Responsible or Doc Source Contact document role, then these become required fields on the document and the entire route will be ignored until the data becomes available.

Additional Comments:

The status is entered and displayed on the System Admin Dashboard as a character code value. This allows status to be left blank for rules that do not use status. Refer to the Code Maintenance tool on the System Admin Dashboard for appropriate character codes. Your route selection criteria can specify special values for Project ID.

  • Use (unassigned) to have the criteria only eligible when the document has no Project ID.
  • Use (assigned) to have the criteria only eligible when the document has any Project ID (but not none).
  • Leave blank (or empty) to have the Project ID criteria ignored.

The priority is entered in ‘Rules for Selected Routes‘ (Routes tool on the Manage Dashboard) as a numeric value using the legend below.  In display mode the corresponding label is displayed.  This allows priority to be left blank for rules that do not use priority.

  • 1 for Urgent
  • 3 for High
  • 5 for Medium
  • 7 for Low
  • 9 for FYI
  • 99 for manual selection only

Hint: Use priority 99 for routes that should never be selected by the system automatically, but are available for user selection in the Append and Reset Route dialogs or for use in a workflow script or RouteWhenClosed rule.

See KBA-01422 for additional information on AutoReroute.

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