KBA-01081: Where can I find out what is in the Update?


When the Spitfire Installation and Configuration tool (ICTOOL.exe) shows that a new update is ready for download, how can I find out what‘s in the update?


To view the Release Notes from the Spitfire Configuration Tool:

  1. In the Configuration Tool (ICTool.exe), move to the Welcome tab.
  2. Notice the Latest and the Local version numbers.
  3. If the two versions numbers are different, click View | Release Notes on the Configuration Tool menu.
  4. Release Notes are also available from the System Information page in Spitfire.

To view the Release Notes from Spitfire:

  1. In Spitfire, move to the Manage or System Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select System Information in the left panel.
  3. Click the infopop  next to the sfPMS Version number.
  4. Notice the list of available Spitfire Releases.
  5. Click on the Updates link in the Notes column to link to the Release Notes.

Additional Comments:

Since Spitfire Updates are built on the fly by comparing your local version to the version available on our Client Update server, the Review Notes from ICTool are dynamic and include only those fixes and new features added after your current local version.  Once you update your system, the Release Notes will be blank, since your current local version now matches the Client Update server‘s current version.See KBA-01082 for more information.

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