KBA-01101: Managing Spitfire Contacts for Employees with Vendor IDs


I have vendors set up for employees that receive reimbursement for expenses.  Spitfire creates a duplicate contact for these people.  How do I prevent duplicate contacts for employees who are also vendors?


Spitfire cannot associate the VendorID with the EmployeeID unless you include the VendorID on the Microsoft Dynamics SL (DSL) Project Controller Employee and Resource Maintenance screen (PA.EMP.00).

  1. Specify or find the Employee ID first – this is the key.
  2. (optional) Specify the Dynamics SL login if appropriate. (Not every employee has access to Dynamics SL.)
  3. (optional but often used) Specify the Vendor ID if the Employee also has a Vendor ID for reimbursements.  Entering the Vendor ID here along with the Employee ID will prevent duplicate Contacts in Spitfire.
  4. (Critical) Specify the email address. This email address will show up in the Spitfire Contact Details after the nightly sync.

To delete the extra Spitfire contact:

Prerequisite: you can delete a Contact only if that Contact has not been routed a document or made a Responsible Party.  The trash can icon appears only for Contacts that may still be deleted.

  1. On the Contacts Dashboard, select Contacts.
  2. Search for Names Like ‘the employee name‘.
  3. Select the ‘extra‘ contact (the one created for the employee with a DSL Vendor ID).
  4. Check that this contact has not been assigned any Roles. If so, delete all the assigned Roles and Save.
  5. Click the Delete icon in the Contact list and confirm the deletion.

Additional Comments:

If the Delete icon is not available for your extra contact, see KBA-01250. Once a Spitfire contact has been routed a document or made a Responsible Party, the contact cannot simply be deleted.

KBA-01101; Last updated: August 23, 2022 at 9:28 am;