KBA-01116: Public and Private Contacts; the PrivateContact Rules


How do I make some Contacts private so they are not visible in a lookup?


You can make specific Contacts private through the Contacts view on the Contacts Dashboard:

  1. Find the Contact on the Contact List.
  2. Expand to get to Contact Details.
  3. On the General tab, click the Public checkbox to uncheck it.  By default, all Employee contacts are public.  Clearing this checkbox makes the contact private.

Since all Contacts are public by default, you may want to add some PrivateContact rules on the Rules Maintenance tool on the System Admin Dashboard.  You can check the result value checkbox to specify that this class of contact should default to private.



Specifies (in the result value checkbox) whether Customer Contacts imported from Microsoft Dynamics SL should be made private.


Specifies (in the result value checkbox) whether Contacts created through the Manage Dashboard should be made private.


Specifies (in the result value checkbox) whether Employee Contacts imported from Microsoft Dynamics SL should be made private.


Specifies (in the result value checkbox) whether Vendor Contacts imported from Microsoft Dynamics SL should be made private. Default is Private.

Additional Comments:

If you create the private rules after loading your Contacts, Spitfire Support can provide a SQL script to reset all your contact public flags based upon the new rules.


  • A private Contact can be made public to a project team – see KBA-01114.
  • A private Contact is visible to other Contacts that share the same company name (on the Contact Address tab), or DSL CustomerID, or DSL VendorID.
  • A User‘s role with the List | Maintain Public Contacts capability may include the following permissions:
    • R=Read permission to see the public status;
    • I=Insert permission to maintain his or her own status;
    • U=Update permission to maintain public status for all users.
  • Users with the List | Can see all contacts capability with the Allow permission can see all Contacts regardless of whether they are public or private.  Note: Organization Level still applies.

For more information about Contacts, see the Focus on Contacts guide.

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