KBA-01785: Index of Rule Groups

KBA-01100: AlertText To configure alert messages generated for various Alert types.
KBA-01176: BudgetConfig To configure defaults for budget update modes.
KBA-01588: CloudStorageConfig To configure cloud drive storage features.
KBA-01077: CodeSetFilterOverride, CodeSetRedirect, ExcludeCommonChoices, ItemCodeLike To configure pick lists for drop-down menus.
KBA-01661: CodeSetRedirect To establish the code set  and Doc type combinations that should be redirected to another Doc type.
KBA-01200: ComplianceConfig -To configure compliance messages generated for various compliance types.
KBA-01192: CustomerBlock -To configure Warning or Blocking messages for any status.
KBA-01442: DocApproved, DocPending, DocStatusIsClosed, DocStatusIsInCloudStorage, DocStatusIsInPlanRoom -To establish the purpose of Doc Status codes for various Doc types.
KBA-01530: DocCopyConfig -To configure how source document data is copied to a new document.
KBA-01521: DocFormula -To define computations for the Document Detail part.
KBA-01158: DocItemConfig -To configure document Items.
KBA-01443: DocItemStatusIsApproved, DocItemStatusIsClosed, DocItemIsInCloudStorage -To establish the purpose of Item Status codes for various Doc types.
KBA-01126: DocNumbering -To configure Doc numbers.
KBA-01154: DocTypeConfig -To configure numerous document options.
KBA-01394: EMailText -To configure outbound and inbound email text options
KBA-01441: EnableManualCloseAtStatus -To establish the Doc status codes at which the manual close UI should be enabled.
KBA-01023: ExcludeCommonChoices -To establish the code set plus Doc type combinations that exclude common choices from drop-down menus.
KBA-01227: ExecutiveDashboard -To configure the computations for the Executive Dashboard.
KBA-01265: FileCatalogConfig -To configure behavior of the Spitfire Catalog.
KBA-01439: FileTypeConfig -To configure options for files.
KBA-01189: ItemBudgetRevenue -To configure how revenue is handled for budget lines.
KBA-01662: ItemCodeLike -To establish the Item code set plus Doc type combinations that filter available choices based upon a named document code field.
KBA-01184: LienWaiverTemplate (obsolete)
KBA-01517: NextDocFlow -To configure the “Create Next Doc” feature on documents.
KBA-01118: NextDocStatus -To establish the possible Status codes that can be chosen for Status code plus Doc type combinations.
KBA-01440: PostExpenseAtStatus, PostRevenueAtStatus -To establish the Doc statuses that will trigger posting of expenses and revenue if not already posted.
KBA-01564: PresetSearch -To configure preset (named) catalog searches.
KBA-01116: PrivateContact -To configure the private/public option for Contacts.
KBA-01285: ProjectCAFormulas -To configure the computations for the Project Cost Analysis Detail
KBA-01153: ProjectConfig -To configure projects.
KBA-01228: ProjectKPIFormulas -To configure computations for the Project KPI.
KBA-01536: ProjectTeam -To configure mapping of team members based on Project Setup attributes.
KBA-01613: QueryConfig -To configure and extend the data available to bookmark templates in Microsoft Word.
KBA-01444: RecurIncrement -To configure the Recur code set into days, months or years.
KBA-01445: ReportConfig -To configure SQL Server Reporting Services RDL paths.
KBA-01446: RouteApproved -To establish the codes that classify a routing as “approved.”
KBA-01391: RouteConfig -To configure routing options.
KBA-01518: RouteResponseIsYes -To establish the Route Response codes that are affirmative.
KBA-01177: RouteWhenStatus -To configure what happens to the remaining route when a document state changes (to closed, pending, etc.)
KBA-01183: SaveCustomDocExtn -To configure stored procedures to be run during the document save transaction.
KBA-01369: SOVConfig -To configure SOV options.
KBA-01304: VendorConfig -To configure settings for Vendors.
KBA-01606: VXLConfig -To configure options for data exchange via Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
KBA-01388: WBAConfig -To configure account category behavior and usage.
KBA-01358: WBSConfig -To configure defaults for work-breakdown-structure entries.
KBA-01386: WhenDocClosed -To configure document options when a document is closed.
KBA-01323: WordTemplateConfig -To configure certain features in Microsoft Word templates.

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