KBA-01125: Running sfATC on a separate server


Can I install and run Spitfire Automated Task Controller (sfATC) on a different server than the server where sfPMS is installed?


Yes, but the Spitfire Configuration Tool cannot automate the installation for you. Here‘s how to do it manually:

  1. Copy and run SetupATC.MSI on the intended sfATC server.
    Note: SetupATC.msi is located in the MSI folder of the install base
    (by default C:Program FilesSpitfireInstallBasemsi).
  2. After the program is installed, register it as a service:
    1. Open a command prompt window.
    2. Change to the directory where sfATC was installed
      (by default D:Program FilesSpitfiresfATC).
    3. Type
      %windir%Microsoft.NETFrameworkv4.0.30319InstallUTIL.exe sfATC.EXE
      and press Enter.
  3. Open Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services.
  4. Scroll to Spitfire Automated Task Controller.
  5. Right click and choose Properties:
    1. To start the sfATC service automatically when the operating system starts, change the Startup Type to automatic delayed.
    2. Set the service to restart automatically after failures.
    3. Click the Start button to start the service.
    4. Click OK to close the properties dialog.
  6. Back in the Spitfire Configuration Tool (ICTool.exe) on the sfPMS server, be sure to use a UNC path for the location where sfATC files are installed.
    (e.g. ‘\servernameProgram FilesSpitfiresfATC‘)

Additional Comments:

When you apply updates, the Spitfire Configuration Tool will attempt to shut down sfATC and copy over any updated files.  If you do not have sufficient permission to shut down or restart sfATC remotely, you should do this manually via the Control Panel.

KBA-01125; Last updated: November 10, 2016 at 12:33 pm;